Selected Works

Norwegian birdsNorwegian birds, 2018

A collection of leafsA collection of leafs, 2018

With leather jacketWith leather jacket, 2018

IllustrationIllustration for Replikk, 2018

Subway people 2Subway people, 2018

Subway peopleSubway people, 2018

Hit the dancefloorHit the dancefloor, 2018

Ladies on a rowLadies on a row, 2018

Male with hat 2Man with hat, 2018

Male with hatMale with hat, 2018

Lady with hat 2Lady with hat 2, 2018

Lady with hatLady with hat, 2018

Mirror selfieMirror selfie, 2018

Yellow interiorYellow interior, 2018

Mirror reflectionsMirror reflections, 2017

Kamilla og dagbokenIllustrated for Kamilla og dagboken, 2016

BloodfansIllustration for Riss magazine, 2016

Animals in costumesAnimals in costumes, 2017

The RoadIllustration for Replikk, 2016

Franske ideerIllustration for Replikk, 2016

Gåsa og tv´nIllustration for Fredrikstad Blad, 2013

Fotograferende dinosaurIllustration for Fredrikstad Blad, 2013

Fugl på kvistPart of my master project, 2013

Mønstret dompapPart of my master project, 2013